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To enter a contest you must follow the contest's rules!

So far we only have 1 contest going on

Contest:Whoever donates the most items and neopoints wins a prize pack! I am not quite sure right now what items will be in it but they will be good! Donate items to claygrl202 use the donation shop to donate neopoints! I will keep you all updated who is in the lead each week! The Contest starts March 6th and ends April 6th! So if you want to take you chance at winning the prize pack start donating items and neopoints NOW!

  Questions or suggestions?

If anyone has any suggestions for new contests we should have neomail me!(claygrl202) Remember all contests must be authorized by me! If you have any questions about a contest you can neomail me also



All of these dolls on the site and most of the other graphics were made by me!